Dentac, 35 Gresham Road, London,
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Dentac is short for dental academy and is a purpose-built, state-of-the-art dental training facility ideally located close to the centre of London and only 15 minutes from London Victoria. Established in late 2012, at Dentac we aim to fill the void for a bespoke, affordable and quality dental educational experience for the entire dental team.

Throughout the year we will provide practical hands-on courses, seminars, study groups, product demonstrations, workshops, certificate courses, live patient based courses, mentored programs, diplomas and much more to cater for the educational requirements of the whole dental team.


In short, we provide comprehensive dental education for everyone that is practical, affordable, relevant as well as enjoyable. Our focus is on delivering dental training of the highest quality, that is directly relevant to your everyday practice and which allows you to pursue excellence in every way.

Our facility is also available for hire throughout the year at competitive rates.

We look forward to working with any like-minded individuals, groups or organizations, so if you share a similar vision or have an innovative idea, we would love to hear from you – feel free to contact us at

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